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The ramblings of an anxious typer #7: Rape culture 

If I said what word could you place in front of all of these words:

  • _______ songs
  • _______ jokes
  • _______ slogans

I’m sure most of you wouldn’t guess “rape.” In an ever growing and changing world, this word has shifted from a hushed behind closed doors phrase to out and in your face phase. Rape culture. We’re in it. Half the population will be horrified by it and the other half will participate; either as victims, criminals,supporters or bystanders.

With songs containing descriptions of gang rape, depicting them in a glorified way how can we expect the children or young people listening to them to not become desensitised to the crime. The same argument as violence and video games. (Some which also have rape in, but that’s not fussed about.) 

Some countries and cultures have rape as part of traditions or rituals. How can this be in a time where we can travel to and communicate with nearly every inch of the world? We ship food and luxuries from these places back to our pedestals but rarely offer help or change. Many countries shutting doors on refugees.

Rape jokes are also commonplace now, along side the knock knocks and “your mammas.” Many don’t understand the words they’re saying or how it feels to be forced upon. Luckily. But they should be taught that the use of this topic is no joking matter.

The other day, on social media, I even saw a girl with a “I will rape you” bracelet. The comments underneath contained “should be rape me, lol.” If that word was replaced with abuse, I’m sure it wouldn’t be taken so lightly. But with ideas floating around this generation like ” rape can’t be so bad-especially if you orgasm”, “men can’t be raped, they’d love it” and “you can’t be raped by a partner” what do we expect.

This should not be tolerated. In my eyes these ideas are supportive of rape. 

Talk about it in schools with the appropriate age group. Teach all genders that it’s wrong, it’s not a joke and give them the correct lines to talk to if help is needed.

We may be in the rape culture now, but if everyone did one small act to prevent this, we’d fix that.

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